1.2.4 Update
  • Convert To DV Stream option now works correctly.

1.2.3 Update

  • New about dialog.
  • Updated to use new core components.

1.2.2 Update

  • FrameSplicer now reads sequences with numbers in the prefix correctly. I.e. abc-1.001.
  • You can now drag-and-drop multiple images onto the FrameSplicer icon instead of going through the menus. Please note: FrameSplicer will not re-order the frames, it will compile them in the order they were selected.
  • Added the ability to cancel the compilation.
  • Compiling a movie does not prevent the use of other applications.
  • Modified GUI to better comply with the Apple Aqua Human Interface Guidelines.

1.2.1 MacOS X 10.1 Compatibility Release

  • FrameSplicer now saves movies properly in OS X 10.1 (10/24/01)

1.2.0 Public Release

  • Added the ability to convert a QuickTime movie into a DV Stream for iMovie users.
  • Modified progress window to conform to FrameThief's Core and to be more descriptive.
  • Misc. minor improvements.

1.0.1 Public Release

1.0.0 Initial Release

Last Modified: 7/9/2006
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