FrameThief is built on a plug-in style architecture. This enables new tools and feeds to be quickly developed and integrated into the program. For example, a plugin to support a specific Digital Still Camera.

Hotkeys can be assigned to most of FrameThief's functions, enabling users to be more productive. External configurable controllers, such as keypads and wireless remote controllers can also be used
Note: Controller must support keystroke emulation.

Don't like the noise in your captured images? FrameThief's Frame Averaging feature will automatically reduce or eliminate the noise by averaging several images together into one. This process is automatically performed when the option is enabled. The result can produce dramatically better looking frames from DV and Web Cam sources.

Upon customer requests, FrameThief incorporates time-lapse capture capability. A few clicks and FrameThief will automatically capture your animation.

The Audio-Sync feature allows for the loading of audio files into the program; enabling users to easily sync the animation to sound.

FrameThief fully supports FireWire video peripherals such as DV Cameras.
FrameThief is not in the least limited to DV frame capture. It works with virtually every QuickTime compatible video source such as USB Cams, Video Capture boards, and many other video peripherals.

FrameThief plug-in architecture allows for the development of feeds based on Digital Still Cameras. This functionality adds a new dimension to animation software. Enabling the animator to produce HDTV or Film quality animations for a relatively tiny investment in equipment.

Advanced replay capabilities allow for real-time playback and looping. Looping can be customized to loop a section or the whole replay, delaying at the end. Users can also customize the compression settings of the replay, enabling capture boards with hardware compression to play the replay on the external video monitors (if supported by the hardware).

Lightbox Tool expands on the functionality of classic Onionskinning. It enables the user to superimpose several previously captured frames on top of the feed to visually determine the progress of the animation.

The Sketch Tool allows animators to draw markers over the live feed. This feature includes tools such as lines, squares and circles.

And many more...

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